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Damion Dayski


Damion Dayski, also known by the moniker “the sex doctor,” was born in 2003 in the vibrant city of Chicago. In 2021, the young star made his debut in the adult film industry, marking the beginning of a rapid and impressive rise. His reputation quickly grew, and in a short time, Damion became a recognized name in this field.

One of the key factors contributing to his popularity is the impressive size of his penis, measuring 30 centimeters, which has made him especially famous among fans of female pornography. His charisma and captivating on-screen presence have garnered him an impressive number of fans, reaching over half a million followers on the platform X.

Currently, Damion Dayski is represented by Hussie Models, one of the most renowned agencies in the adult film industry. His profile on the agency’s website proudly displays his impressive statistics, attracting the attention of top producers and directors in the industry.

In addition to his work in adult films, Damion is extremely active on the OnlyFans platform, where he rewards his fans with exclusive content. His subscribers can find various types of material, including solo performances, B/G (boy/girl) scenes, and B/ G/G (boy/girl/girl) scenes, each showcasing his skills and versatility in front of the camera.

Despite his relatively recent debut, Damion Dayski has managed to establish himself as a notable and respected figure in the adult film industry, and his popularity continues to grow as he attracts new fans and collaborations.


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