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How to: Get the Blue Checkmark on OnlyCollab

What does the Blue Checkmark mean?

The Blue Checkmark means that the user has submited the verification photo and meets our eligibility requirements.

Users will need to meet our eligibility criteria below to receive or retain the Blue Checkmark.

Eligibility criteria for the Blue Checkmark

Only users who submited their verification photo are eligible to receive the Blue Checkmark.

Our team uses an eligibility criteria on when the checkmark is given to ensure we maintain the integrity of the platform. Your profile must meet the following criteria to receive or retain the Blue Checkmark:

    • Complete: Your profile must have a stage name, profile photo and description
    • Non-Deceptive:
      • Your must have no recent changes to your profile photo, stage name or description
      • Your profile must have no signs of being misleading or deceptive

The checkmark will appear once our team reviews your profile verification photo and if it meets our requirements.

Loss of the Blue Checkmark

In accordance with the Terms of Service, OnlyCollab may remove the checkmark of a profile at any time without notice.

To minimize confusion and promote integrity on the platform, changes to your profile photo, display name, or description will result in a temporary loss of the Blue Checkmark until your profile is validated as continuing to meet our requirements.

No further changes to your profile photo, display name, or username will be allowed during this review period.

The checkmark will appear again once our team reviews profile and if it continues to meet our requirements.